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About EFCO Gaming

With the self-developed Gaming Peripheral Controller (GPC), EFCO gaming provides an unique design and manufacturing service for a full customized gaming computing solution. EFCO gaming provides middleware tools like Software Development Modules, Utility Programs and necessary Drivers for game developer to quickly adopt the games to the customized hardware.
Backup by the large scale of Asia EMS facility, EFCO provides not only technically fast Time-to-Market of your product, but also fast Rollout-to-market possibility.

Design a Gaming Computing Hardware for Your Valuable Software

› Full Customized Electronics Engineering Design
› On Board Unique Gaming Peripheral Controller
› Multi Layer Security Mechanism
› Comply with GLI, BMM or COMMA 6A
› Long Product life cycle Support

SDK Software Development Toolkit

Powerful software and hardware platform for rapid casino and arcade game development

Manufacture Your Gaming Computers with Asia Cost Structure

› Turn-Key Electronics Manufacturing Service
› Sophisticate Manufacture Process Control
› Components Traceability System Implemented

Total Quality Assurance

Quality is the key to success. EFCO's TQA system covers engineering design manufacturing
process and customer service, Goal is to continuously improve and optimize the total quality level



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