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EFCO - Design and Manufacture the industrial computers, embedded applications and gaming computing platforms

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Based on the mature SCM(Supply Chain Management) and EMS platform, EFCO has a dedicated design engineering team to provide UDMS (Unique Design & Manufacture Service) to worldwide customers for the products in different niche markets.

By the different demand of customers, EFCO provides UDMS from board-level to system-level solutions, from x86 CPUs to RISC CPUs, with varies communicational IO interfaces include wireless technologies to align with your specialty to catch the rapid changing market.

EFCO brings years of expertise at customized solutions with the ready skillset and knowhow in the embedded technology. EFCO's MPB( Modular Product Block), customers can enjoy the fast-time-to-market of a new product, such as computing system, Casino gaming engine, Amusement computers, Traffic control, or panel computing includes POS, Kiosk, Panel PC, and HMI, etc.

EFCO has hardware/software/firmware domain knowledge that coupled with customer's application and market knowledge makes a strong partnership. EFCO always be the nameless hero for your success.



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